Guitars available through- Express music, coventry. www.expressmusicstore.co.uk



Guitars available through-The guitar spot,Beeston Nottingham. www.theguitarspot.com



New for 2010!! - The 'Dark Art' Carbon Fibre Series-

After inspirational talks with 'National' Guitar expert Mark Makin, and using the 'Carbon Fibre' skills of Master Cabinet maker Robin Page, We are taking Alan Timmins F1 carbon Idea to new heights. The 14 Fret model will be followed by other models soon.

Wunjoes Guitar shop  


Delta resonator guitars now available from Wunjo's
Click on the website link: http://www.wunjoguitars.com/

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Delta resonator guitars now available from Mansons
Click on the website link: http://www.mansonguitars.co.uk/



Hold the front page! Here's a biggie...we've got a four page review in this month's 'Guitarist' magazine...more news as soon as we've seen it ourselves...



Whilst checking through this month's site visitor stats, we found a really nice thread about us over at Big Road Blues. One comment made our day. It said:

"Wow!!! These are some very nice reso's, especially the Louisiana model. The web site is one of the best guitar builder sites I've seen."



We've added mp3 sound samples for each model plus an extended tricone piece, in both 128kbps and 192kbps bit rates.




All five models are now uploaded, together with the spec download sheets. We should point out that the Mississippi, Louisiana and Tricone Deluxe guitars will be re-shot at some point in the near future.




The home page is now finished - John added his notes to the intro - and we've uploaded the Mississippi Single Cone.

All of the sections are functioning, but we don't yet have the sound samples, product spec .pdfs or the outstanding models. Why? Ah, for a very good reason! A leading magazine has yet to finish their reviews...more news soon.





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