Welcome to the official website of Delta Resonator Guitars

Our instruments are handbuilt by John Alderson. Every guitar is built to order, so we can tailor them to your particular requirements regarding finish, scale length and a whole host of other options.

Here's a brief note from John:

"Thirty years ago I bought my first resonator, a 1936 Dobro, and then two Nationals in various stages of disrepair. My interest in the construction of guitars developed from there, and I began to repair and set up instruments for a music shop.

I loved the characteristic bite and attack that a metal body gives, but wanted that extra warmth and depth that can only be accomplished with a wooden body. My quest began to build my own resonator guitar with the ultimate sustain, tone and volume.

For the past five years I have been successfully producing my own Delta brand: hand-built to customers' specification, each as individual as their owner, and made by a player for players."

Delta Resonator Guitars: Made To Be Played